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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Rainbow Metal Fabrications Ltd can offer a wide range of engineering ,CNC machining and steel fabrication services,we’ve successfully taken on metal fabrication projects in auto, steamer, plane and other sectors. We also welcome those trickier projects that other metal shops avoid. We’ll gladly accept the most challenging projects you can send our way, and we’ll do them well with get-it-right-the-first-time accuracy and speed.

We are one of the leading sheet metal fabrication companies in China.  Our range of capabilities runs from Laser & Plasma cutting, metal folding, CNC punching,CNC machining, welding and finishing.  We have extensive experience in contracting to Agricultural equipment manufacturers, Quarrying equipment sector, Materials Handling manufacturers, Architectural Design companies as well as a wide of other manufacturers.

Let us offer our expertise and years of experience to ensure your custom metal fabrication projects get the highest level of attention possible.

More about our Custom Metal Fabrication services:

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About Sheet metal part Fabricate

  • Sheet Precision

    Sheet metal Fabrications quotes in less than 24 hours with parts available in 5 to 10 days. Possible materials include: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, Nickel Silver, brass, Copper.

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  • Plated Metal Stamping

    Many of our press setups feature automatic transfers and robotic pick-and-place systems which ensure the safety of our employees. This automation offers more time efficient and cost effective solutions:

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